Ridge is building an edge cloud that empowers developers to effortlessly deploy and scale any application in any location

IT is Getting More and More Complex

Huge quantities of data are being generated all over the network. Application developers have higher performance standards than ever before. And new applications require real-time insights.

The Latency Challenge

Today’s centralized cloud architectures are not optimized for an increasingly latency-sensitive world. While applications have become more complex and performance-sensitive, the amount of time it takes data to get to the centralized cloud has not changed.

A New Architecture

The increasing demands of applications will require that the world shift to a distributed computing model. Compute must be physically closer to end users and endpoints. We believe that this shift is necessary for the cloud of the future to keep up with developer and end user requirements.

A Costly Trade-Off

Today, developers need to choose between the ease of use of a public cloud and the performance of building their own distributed infrastructure. Ridge gives them the best of both worlds.

Ridge's Mission

Ridge eliminates the need to make a choice between ease of deployment and performance. By successfully combining the flexibility and ease-of-use of the public cloud with the geographic distribution and low latency of the highly distributed approach, we will not only power the cybersecurity, IOT, and gaming companies of today, but also the flying taxis, robot waiters, and virtual reality systems of tomorrow.


We are experienced technologists and serial entrepreneurs. From Akamai to Playtika, we’ve founded five companies with well over $10B of enterprise value.

Jonathan Seelig


Co-founder of Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM), the first-ever CDN. Former Managing Director at Globespan Capital Partners, Chairman of the board at Zipcar, and EIR at Polaris Partners. Board Member of over a dozen companies and investor in dozens more. Stanford undergrad and MIT Sloan dropout.

Mati Lerner


Managed and ran a private early-stage tech fund, investing in and advising 30+ companies. Formerly commercial director at 888 Holdings (LSE:888). Additional experience in Investment banking and private equity at J.P. Morgan and Synova Capital. MBA from London Business School.

Nir Sheffi


20 years of experience in hands on R&D management, from start-ups to large scale organizations. Formerly the CTO of NGSoft (LSE:BVC) and manager of Command and Control division (distributed systems) at Elbit (NASDAQ:ESLT). Broad experience in a variety of technologies, ranging from embedded systems to large scale web and mobile applications.

Gigi Levi-Weis


Founding Partner of NfX Guild. Former CEO of 888 Holdings (LSE:888) and co-founder of Playtika (acquired for $4.4B), Inception VR, and Beach Bum. Israeli Air Force pilot. MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.