The Edge
Computing Metacloud

Ridge is building the world’s most scalable edge cloud. Powered by our global data center network and intelligent routing system, our unique geographic distribution enables developers to seamlessly deploy and infinitely scale applications anytime, anywhere.
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Why Run Workloads on Ridge?

Hyper-low Latency

Enhance application performance, minimize time-to-insight, and unlock real-time event processing by running compute workloads closer to your customers and endpoint devices

Public Cloud Experience at the Edge

Frictionlessly deploy and limitlessly scale up and down your applications at the edge by integrating with Ridge’s easy-to use APIs

Expansive Geographic Distribution

Run localized workloads anywhere in the world on our highly secure compute resources to effortlessly increase your geographic distribution and enhance user experience

How it works

Ridge partners with best-in-class data centers after thoroughly vetting their equipment, security, SLAs, historical uptime, and connectivity
We take care of the hypervisor integration and abstract away all hardware and architectural complexities by presenting customers with a single API for a cloud experience
We offer a robust suite of web services (i.e. managed K8s, container services, storage) on top of our infrastructure, so developers can easily deploy and manage their applications at the edge
Our allocator system ensures that when developers deploy their workloads on the Ridge Edge Cloud to achieve hyper low latency and geographically distributed compute, they’re being run on the data centers that best fit the workloads’ needs
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